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We are a Title Insurance Agency that offers and issues title insurance products for residential and commercial real estate transactions by providing services to attorneys, lenders and buyers.

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Our professional team will answer all your questions about title insurance. We’re committed to excellent customer service and getting the best policy protection for you and your family.


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We partner with attorneys throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Insurance protections are an essential part of successful real estate transactions. Our team coordinates the insurance requirements and communication among attorneys, lenders, buyers, sellers and insurance underwriters to provide the right title insurance policies for each property transaction.


Lenders want certainty that the property title is clean and their own mortgage investment is protected against any losses and claims made by others against the property. Austin Title delivers the insurance company “Commitment” at closing, defining the title status and terms and conditions of the lender policy, as well as, the lender Title Insurance Policy.


Many buyers are unfamiliar with title insurance. We are always available for buyer questions or meetings to talk about title insurance. Buyers ask is it required? How much does it cost? Who pays for it? What does it cover? What if I don’t buy it? Austin Title has the answers.

What we do

Austin Title is your agent for a Title Insurance Policy. Our team coordinates with your attorney and the insurance underwriters, to find the right policy for you. Once the property title search is completed, and any title defects are corrected, we deliver the underwriter’s “Commitment” which documents the title status and policy conditions. At closing we deliver both the lender’s and buyer’s title insurance policies.

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is very specific protection for your rights of ownership and equity after the closing.Title insurance protects you against any undiscovered title defects that occurred before the closing.


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